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I fix, restring, and custom make jewelry. Costs will vary depending on materials used. These services are on top of the jewelry all ready in my inventory.

 Fixing Jewelry

 This piece of Jewelry my friend had me put a  different clasp on because the one on it was broken. It was a pretty easy fix. Some things I am not able to fix but am willing to try. I only charge if I can fix it. My fee's start at $10.00 and go up depending on the difficulty of the job.

 Restringing Jewelry

 My friend handed me a bunch of pieces she bought in her international travels and ones people had given her. She wanted them restrung and I had a blast matching the beads to other materials. My fee's start at $10.00 and go up depending on Materials used.

 Custom Made Jewelry

 My cousin bought these Ugandian Paper beads made the women there to help bring in money for their families. She asked me to make her a watch and a double strand necklace. She lives in Utah and I live in Colorado so we spent alot of time messaging each other back and forth take pictures of the process of my creation for her so she was satisfied. I can do text messages and emails. I love creating for people. I get to use my creativity.

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